Luxury Cat Overnight Boarding

Boarding Hours: Monday – Friday during working hours.

There are 5 levels for your cat to explore:

  • Level 1

    We provide cat litter with ventilation throughout the entire condo for constant fresh air.

  • Level 2

    A lounging area with toys.

  • Level 3

    Kitchen and dining area

  • Level 4

    Custom made four-post bed and mattress to ensure the upmost comfort for your feline.

  • Level 5

    Provides cats the height they crave to view their surroundings.

What To Bring

We welcome dogs of all ages and sizes, but there are a few things we do require for the safety of all of our guests:

  • History

    All medications with dosage instructions

  • Food & Snacks

    Food with each meal individually packaged in a ziplock bag. Feel free to bring treats, bones, or blanket

  • Records

    Email or hard copy of updated vaccination records


Cat Condos

The Luxury Cat Condos are 7ft 7inches tall with 28sqft of living space for your feline. Cats can also explore the cat tree playroom daily to play or relax.

Required Vaccinations
  • Rabies
  • Monthly flea preventative
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